Renaud Conti is a French independent filmmaker based in Provence, South of France.

He started his artistic career as a music composer, a music producer as well as a studio and stage musician, while also studying aside 35mm and medium format film photography.

In 2016, he used for the first time an old cheap digital camera, and combined his sound and photography skills to make his first amateur film, a documentary about permaculture called “ l’Abondance Végétale “.

This 19-minute film had a great impact in the world of alternative agriculture in different versions (French, English, Russian, Dutch) with a total of over 2 million views on YouTube.

He had finally found his way of expression, Filmmaking !

Since then, he has been working with many brands on a variety of projects, including corporate, fashion, travel and short documentaries with an attraction to documentary portraits.

In 2024 his short documentary portrait for the artisan ceramist Inès Ciccone, commissioned by the Provence Verte Agglomeration and the Chamber of Arts and Crafts of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, was awarded and selected in numerous international festivals.


In a few words, he is working as much as he can with natural light and is always looking for an organic, natural and refined result.

Whether the project is a commercial or a documentary, keeping things simple and natural helps him getting closer to the stories and human emotions he expresses through his films.


Best Documentary short film at Cooper Awards Festival 2023
Official Selection at Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival (BARCIFF) 2024
Official Selection at Beyond the Short Festival 2024
Official Selection at Retrospective of Jupiter 2024
Best Documentary at Paradise Film Festival 2024
Finalist at Onyko Films Awards 2024
Official Selection at IEP indep en Tarn (Indie in Tarn) 2024


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